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We are so happy to announce the participants of  Salangen Biennale 2023:

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Michiel Jansen (NL)

Michiel Jansen (1973) is a dutch artist, based in Oslo. Graduated in 2000 at the academy for arts and design in Den Bosch (NL). His main focus is on installation, sculptures and collages always site- or the material specific and linked to architecture and nature. This can be related to the fact he studied architecture from ’92 to ’94 in Eindhoven. Next to his artistic activities, he has always been active in organizing and producing cultural events. He was part of Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven and the Dutch Cacaofactory in Helmond, both artist run initiatives. When he moved from Eindhoven to Rotterdam he founded the SingerSweatShop, a cultural building in the centre of Rotterdam where people could live, work and exhibit. In 2013 he moved to Berlin for a short period and after his return to Rotterdam in 2014 his focus was mainly on his own artistic career. Since his move to Norway in 2018 he already had exhibitions at Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Galleri TM51 and Kunsthall Oslo.


Siri Tolander (SWE)

Siri Tolander
Graduated with a MFA from HDK Valand – Campus Steneby in 2010.

I create sculpture and installations constructed for or in relation to specific sites and situations with materials and structures that communicate functionality and durability.

My work is derived from moving through and physically experiencing different environments ranging from brutalism to forgotten huts with a never ending fascination for the power of nature and the visual language of power.

The characteristics, limitations and performance of the materials are important, as is the construction of my work, the expression they give and challenges they create.


Torbjörn Johansson (SWE)

Torbjörn Johansson, born 1959, Emmaboda and works in Stockholm.

He was educated at the Royal Academy of Arts and has had extensive exhibition activities both in Sweden and internationally since the 90s. His work has been shown at Danshallerne (Copenhagen), Örebro Konsthall (Örebro), Färgfabriken (Stockholm), TSSK (Trondheim), Moderna Museet (Stockholm and Malmö), Botkyrka Konsthall (Stockholm), Katrineholms Konsthall (Katrineholm), Cites des Art (Paris), Gallery VER (Bangkok), Molekyl (Malmö) Liljevalchs (Stockholm) PS1 (New York)


His versatile artistry includes painting, sculpture, film, performance and installations. He is also behind a large number of public art around Sweden. His interest in cross-genre contexts has led to a number of collaborations with other artists. For example, he has collaborated with a range of dancers and musicians to explore how different art forms approach the relationship between the body and space.

In addition to his own artistry, since 2013 Torbjörn Johansson has been running the noted cultural center Kummelholmen in Vårberg.


Ester Kokmeijer (NL)